Ciroc is an ultra-premium vodka distilled from the best French grapes to get a fresh and experience extreme softness. Gluten free and distilled five times in the Distillerie de Chevanceaux, using white grapes of Mauzac and Ugni varieties. Ideal for all types of cocktails, it brings freshness and notes of lemon and green grape. The bottle, with its original design, is the brainchild of Jean-Sebastien Master Distiller Robicquet.

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Ciroc is an exquisite vodka for the vista, olfato and gusto. Crafted with the finest French grapes, this smooth vodka is best savoured slowly. Simply pour yourself a measure, take in the clarity as it catches the light, then inhale the subtle aromas before allowing the flavours to linger on your palate. Ciroc is perfect for those moments you want to indulge your senses without overindulging.
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