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€46.60 (IVA inc.)
The Courvoisier house, whose origins date back to 1809, was founded by Emmanuel Courvoisier and Louis Gallois on the outskirts of Paris. According to legend, Napoleon cognac was brought as a gift to the British...
€98.90 (IVA inc.)
This Delamain cognac is made from a mixture, or blend , only grapes from Grand Champagne Premier Cru. Amber clear and bright with gold flecks, as tasting a very delicate elegance and distinction is disclosed. Your...
€44.60 (IVA inc.)
The company was founded when the Irishman Richard Hennessy, who had been a mercenary for King Louis XV, was compensated in 1765 with land in the region of Cognac. Hennessy s.c, formerly known as Three-Star Hennessy is...
€219.62 (IVA inc.)
Created by Maurice Hennessy in 1870 for his circle of friends, this cognac is elegant and complex and is made from assembly 100 Eaux-de-vie . Deep amber color, indicative of its high intensity and smooth while robust...
€113.14 (IVA inc.)
Bonneuil 2006 is a single-vintage cognac, which gives us the purest expression of the chalky terroir of Grande Champagne. In the mouth we appreciate the radiant and expressive awakening lychee aromas of honey and soft...
€47.92 (IVA inc.)
A fruit garden is bathed by sunlight in late September. It is early afternoon and the air is still warm, tempered by a gentle breeze. Toast aromas of nectarine, ripe apricots and succulent melon inspire the first...
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