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€46.00 (IVA inc.)
In its preparation they have chosen the best oak barrels, the most toast, Cardhu distillery. This Speyside whiskey (Scotland), is a Single Malt well structured, with hints of creamy caramel, sweet and floral aroma,...
€75.87 (IVA inc.)
Created by Master Blender Colin Scott, Chivas Regal 18 is a blend of malt and grain whiskeys from distilleries throughout Scotland, including the classic Speyside. Complex aromas of dried fruits, presents a velvety...
€64.75 (IVA inc.)
George Smith founded his distillery in 1823, one of the first in un-aged whiskey in French oak barrels. In his early works illegally until the year 1824 it manages to become the first authorized the town of Glenlivet...
€26.82 (IVA inc.)
Presented at the iconic rectangular bottle of the house, Black Label is the result of the mixture of about 40 of the best whiskeys from all over Scotland, where each has a minimum maturity of 12 years. Exceptional...
€242.51 (IVA inc.)
Considered the most prestigious Johnnie Walker whiskey, this Ultra Premium mixture is made with some of the most rare and exceptional reserve family from every corner of Scotland whiskeys. Bold character and a silky...
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