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Ribeira Sacra

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€54.90 (IVA inc.)
A wine to awaken all your senses, the Dominio Do Bibei 2019 tempts sight, smell and taste buds alike. Hailing from the Ribeira Sacra region of Galicia in Spain, this robust yet balanced tinto pairs perfectly with...
€41.13 (IVA inc.)
Lacima Tinto 2018 from Dominio Do Bibei taps into all your senses, with its beautiful ruby hue, ripe berry aromas and full-bodied yet balanced taste that begs to be paired with your favourite rustic Galician dishes....
€18.50 (IVA inc.)
Experience the vivid flavours of Dominio Do Bibei's Lalama wine. Hailing from the Ribeira Sacra region of Galicia, Spain, this wine awakens your senses with aromas of fruit and flowers and a palette of complex tastes....
€23.82 (IVA inc.)
A wine with a story to tell. The Lapola Blanco 2020 from Dominio Do Bibei evokes visions of rolling hills and vineyards bathed in golden sunlight. Made from local grape varietals that have flourished in Ribeira Sacra...
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