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€67.88 (IVA inc.)
Planeta wines are famed for creating aromas and flavours that transport the drinker. The Planeta Didacus 2014 white sicilian wine uses grapes that showcase aromas of citrus and stone fruit, with subtle herbal notes on...
€21.25 (IVA inc.)
This lively white wine from Casa Rojo in Sicily summons memories of the volcanic slopes of Mount Etna. Its delicate aroma of citrus and blossoms dances on the nose, while the subtle mineral notes hint at its volcanic...
€10.71 (IVA inc.)
This white wine from Planeta in Sicily summons memories of sun-drenched afternoons and lazy Mediterranean vacations. Made from indigenous Sicilian grape varieties, Planeta La Segreta Bianco tantalises the senses with...
€10.71 (IVA inc.)
Planeta La Segreta Rosso is a wine that awakens all the senses. With its aromas of ripe blackberries and toasty spice, this Sicilian red invites you into the warmth and colour of the Italian vista. The rich flavours...
€15.51 (IVA inc.)
This Sicilian red wine summons the sights, smells and tastes of sunny Italy. Produced by Planeta, a leading winery on the island, this Nero d'Avola uses grapes grown on the volcanic Plumbago vineyard. The result is a...
€43.26 (IVA inc.)
Born from the volcanic soils of Sicily, Planeta Santa Cicilia Nero d'Avola exudes the essence of the island's sun-drenched terroir. Crafted from 100% Nero d'Avola grapes that thrive in the region's hot, dry climate,...
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