Valle del Aconcagua

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€18.70 (IVA inc.)
Arboleda 2018 promises a feast for the senses, incorporating the vista, olfato and gusto of the Aconcagua Costa region. This medium-bodied Chilean Tinto from Arboleda vineyards in the Valle del Aconcagua boasts...
€136.43 (IVA inc.)
This award-winning Carmenere from Chilean winemaker Errazuriz delights the senses in every way. Hints of dark fruit and spice dance on the nose, while the palate bursts with flavours of plum, blackberry and cocoa. The...
€92.57 (IVA inc.)
Las Pizarras Pinot Noir 2017 from Errazuriz offers the perfect tinto for an autumn night in. With notes of black cherry and plum on the nose, this Pinot delivers a full bodied yet balanced palate of dark berry fruit...
€182.35 (IVA inc.)
This award-winning Chilean red wine captivates all the senses. The vista of the Aconcagua Valley vineyards, where the grapes are grown, inspires the winemaker's artistry. The olfactory symphony of blackcurrant, plum...
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