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€797.27 (IVA inc.)
Amongst Australian reds, the Penfolds Grange Shiraz from South Australia stands the test of time. This 2016 vintage captures Penfolds signature fruit-driven flavour with subtle notes of spice. On the vista, the deep...
€13.98 (IVA inc.)
Penfolds Koonunga Hill Chardonnay is the perfect wine for those moments of relaxation at home. With notes of citrus, pear and tropical fruit on the nose, coupled with hints of toasted nuts and vanilla from time spent...
€13.98 (IVA inc.)
This Shiraz Cabernet from Penfolds in South Australia delivers a lively performance. Hailing from the famed Barossa Valley, its blend of red grape varieties offers aromas of ripe dark berries and spice with hints of...
€25.22 (IVA inc.)
Experience the magic of Penfolds Max's 2016. This iconic Shiraz from South Australia showcases the region's vibrant, full-flavoured style. Upon opening the bottle, aromas of ripe blackberry, dark chocolate and spice...
€23.89 (IVA inc.)
Penfolds Max's Chardonnay is a delicious drop from South Australia. Producing notes of citrus, pear and melon on the vista and olfato, this wine is focussed on gusto, with a crisp, zesty character balanced by subtle...
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