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€16.75 (IVA inc.)
Breca invites you on a sensory journey through the vineyards of Catalonia. This full-bodied red wine from Bodegas Breca awakens the senses with notes of ripe plum and blackberry on the nose followed by a palate of...
€31.28 (IVA inc.)
This wine invites your senses on a journey through Aragón, Spain. Brega's aromas of ripe red berries and subtle spices will transport your nose straight to the Calatayud wine region. Take a sip and allow the...
€10.85 (IVA inc.)
This full-bodied red wine from Spain aims to please all your senses. The bold fruity aromas hit your nose first, with notes of plum and dark cherry that build as it rests in the glass. Then the flavours coat your...
€6.59 (IVA inc.)
This beautiful Spanish red wine from the vineyards of Aragón is crafted to evoke all the senses. The aromas and flavours invite you on a journey of the vista, olfato and gusto, with notes of ripe black fruit and a...
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