Born Rosé

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€11.50 (IVA inc.)
Born Rosé hails from Cataluña, Spain's finest region for rosé wine. Named for its picturesque vineyard views in D.O. Penedès, this light, crisp rosé awakens the senses and pairs perfectly with both seafood and...
€16.64 (IVA inc.)
Born Rosé 503 is a Catalonian rosé from Spain's D.O. Terra Alta region that provides a well-balanced sensorial experience for your eyes, nose and palate. The wine's vista reveals a pale coral hue, whilst the olfato...
€12.64 (IVA inc.)
Born Rosé Brut transports you to the Spanish countryside with its visions of ripe berries, floral aromas and a crisp yet fruity taste. Hailing from Cataluña's D.O. Penedès region, this Brut Rosé from Born Rosé is made...
€24.56 (IVA inc.)
Born Rosé's Born Rose Magnum 2022 rosé wine from España's D.O. Penedès region is a lovely vintage that stimulates the senses. The vista of this wine's pinkish hues in the magnum-sized bottle, the olfato of its fruity...
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