Can Sumoi

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€14.85 (IVA inc.)
Can Sumoi's Ancestrall Sumoll rosé is a taste of Catalan tradition. Crafted with grapes hand-selected from family-owned vineyards, this wine captures the region's history through the senses. Upon opening the bottle,...
€13.20 (IVA inc.)
This Can Sumoi rosé from Catalonia is crafted for a multi-sensory experience. The vista of the pale pink liquid promises aromas of red berries and floral notes that will delight the olfato and gusto in equal measure....
€13.95 (IVA inc.)
Bringing together the Catalan countryside and a touch of Spanish spirit, Can Sumoi Xarello white wine invites you on a sensory journey. Its pale straw colour promises aromas of citrus fruit, white flowers and ripe...
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