Château Miraval

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€360.00 (IVA inc.)
Fleur De Miraval Rosé is a delightful French rosé wine ideal for a picnic in the park or an afternoon out in the garden. This crisp, light-bodied wine has notes of red berries and flowers on the nose and palate,...
Château Miraval
€21.25 (IVA inc.)
This graceful Château Miraval rosé is crafted for those moments of pure relaxation and indulgence. Featuring notes of fresh red fruits and floral aromas evoking the picturesque Provençal vista and olfactory delight...
€129.90 (IVA inc.)
This wine summons the sun-kissed pleasures of the French Riviera. Crafted from grapes grown in the Côtes de Provence appellation by the iconic Château Miraval estate, this jeroboam of rosé evokes the vista of rolling...
€48.20 (IVA inc.)
This rosé from Château Miraval in Provence, France summons the sun-drenched Riviera lifestyle in every sip. Crafted from a blend of grapes grown in the picturesque Côtes de Provence region, it offers aromas of summer...
€13.25 (IVA inc.)
This charming rosé from Château Miraval in Provence embodies the spirit of the French Riviera. Made from a blend of grapes that express the region's vista, olfato and gusto, it offers a lively yet balanced sip that...
€14.60 (IVA inc.)
Studio by Miraval Rosé is a delight for all senses, with aromas of ripe berries and hints of Mediterranean herbs that make the perfect companion to your spring meals. From the panoramic views of Provence to the lush...
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