Dow's Port

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€33.25 (IVA inc.)
Savour the generous spirit of Portugal with Oporto Dow's 10 Años port. This full-bodied tawny has spent 10 years ageing to develop a complex aroma redolent of dried fruit, caramel and spice. Its amber hue entices the...
€59.45 (IVA inc.)
Oporto Dow's 20 Años is a generously mature tawny port that will please your vista, olfato and gusto in equal measure. With notes of toffee, nuts and dried fruits on the nose leading into a palate of raisins, figs and...
€12.95 (IVA inc.)
Oporto Dow's Ruby is a hearty tawny port from Portugal's oldest port company Dow's that warms the heart and brightens the spirits. With aromas of raisins and hints of toffee apple, this generous vintage entices the...
€13.00 (IVA inc.)
Nothing says generosity quite like Dow's Port's Oporto Dow's Tawny. The rich mahogany hue calls to the vista, while aromas of dried fruits, caramel and spice arouse the olfato, and flavours of fig, date and raisin...
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