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Laurent-Perrier Grand Siècle
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Cuvée Grand Siecle is the flagship product ee Laurent-Perrier. Thanks to the selection of the best of the house get a generous, complex and balanced Champagne.
The delicacy and elegance concentrated in a glass of sparkling pale gold. Freshness and pleasant floral aromas in perfect harmony with citrus and stone fruit to accompany the best deli in the form of snack or...
Wearing the precious name of the daughter of Bernard de Nonancourt (president of Laurent-Perrier) and from exceptional vintages, Alexandra Rosé stains the glass of amber color of a sunset itself, giving vibrant...
Laurent-Perrier Rosé Butterfly
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La maison Laurent Perrier nace en 1881 en Tours-sur-Marne. Un casa famosa y precursora en la elaboracion del Champagne Brut Nature. La casa tiene 10% de viñedos en propiedad y unos 90% en compra de uva a varios...
"No frills, subtle and ethereal." Sober, exceptional simplicity and zero added sugars, dressed in blue and silver label for love. Spring aromas and minerality, extraordinarily intense and complex bristling an almost...
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